Secure Encryted Connections Guaranteed


The software we use to Remotely Administer a PC is called Zoho Assist. It is highly secure, ensuring your data is safe. Encrypted data transfer ensures all your information remains safe. The client allows many functions, usefull to the technician. It's a paid solution and believe me, I dont like paying for something that doesnt work.

We have been using this software since the first lockdown was thrown upon us. It was a sure way we could reach our customers if they had issues. So far it has more than proven itself. It's robust, fast and has many extra facilities that allow better control of a misbehaving computer. 

Is a very simple instalation too. Only taking a matter of moments. Once on your computer, dont worry, nobody other than those who are permitted can log on. It need you to allow access and without that there is no shannanigans go on while you sleep. Unlike other remote software out there.

When a session is arranged, you will rceive an email. In that email are the instructions for installation. Just follow the prompts. If email is the problem, we can guide you to the URL where the session will be started for you. Once installed, we will connect and the software will inform you of our intentions. At this poing, you click allow and we have your machine in safe hands.

If unsure of anything, please do not hesitate to call.