How remote repairs work in plain English

In short, when somebody needs computer help, we are able to connect to your computer with rights which enable us to remotely control your device. To do this, we will guide you through a short installation which can only be connected to with your permission. So no need to worry that it can be used for "just anyone" to connect. Once the connection is closed, a new session ID would be required and it would require your permission once again. 

Once we are safely connected, you will be able to see us working. Your mouse will move, your screens will change. Repair utilities may be downloaded in order to assist our work. Usually we will remain connected to you by telephone but this is not essential because we have a Chat Screen that helps us communicate.

The time it takes to repair your machine is entirely dependant on 3 things:

1. What is actually the problem with your computer

2. How slow your computer is running

3. How fast our internet connection is.

As a rule, once we are contacted, we will briefly logon to your PC to assess. This part is actually free. During this time we will look at various causes for your problem. Once completed, we will be able to tell you "Roughly" how long it will take and also quote you a fixed price for the service.

If you agree to our helping you, we will arrange payment and schedule a repair slot(if it cannot be done immediately). 

All our work is recorded. The logs are saved for the future and in case something we did was not successful. 

At no time, unless asked by your self, will we enter personal files or documents. This includes email accounts. In certain circumastances, Email may be the problem and even then, we will require your direct permission to access.

We work on all Microsoft Windows machinery but our support software will only allow safe connection with Win7 Win8 Win8.1 Win10 and Win11. So if your operating system is any of these and you can connect to internet, normally we will fix your problem. Obviously, we cannot fix hardware problems but at least you will receive advice on these matters.

Our ability to repair virus infections, malware infections, registry problems, printer problems, email issues, file system faults, slow networks, slow start up, browser issues, file issues are quite extensive and account for 70% of all computer faults. How many times we have heard "I can't have a virus, I have protection installed" and found it to be exactly the opposite? Truth is, far too many. We tend not to listen to that anymore as our experience shows us there is no true protection to your PC. Certainly malware is far too dynamic and changes too quickly, which leaves a void in the definition databases. On average the definitions are about 6 weeks behind the current time.

If you need help, don't hesitate to call or contact us.